Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We gonna run this town tonight

There was much to be happy about tonight at the Camp Nou. Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a quite brilliant game for Barça. Despite not scoring he was absolutely outstanding, constantly threatening, incredibly sharp and linked brilliantly with Iniesta, Xavi, Kieta and Messi. Second up, the blaugrana defense, Carles Puyol and Abidal in particular, were fantastic. Puyol was so impressive, his reading of the game, his tackling and range of passing, he was runnin' tings from the back. I know I like to gush about Carles but it does gall me when the likes of Sid Lowe and Graham Hunter get on his case, dismissing him as this rash, lumbering fool who likes to dive in and gets caught out thanks to his ineptitude. Dynamo are hardly Real Madrid or Manchester United but he did what he had to do with real pomp and verve. Nothing quite as good as that Cruyff turn against Russia in the Euros but still...

Moving swiftly along, Iniesta only lasted 45 minutes tonight, which is *insert pause to listen to Pep's interview on Sky Sports* probably as much was he was able for. He played well. His replacement, Pedro, was rather poor, his gol aside, most of the attack in the second half went down the right through Alves and Messi. That said, he took his gol very well, quick feet, an excellent finish after more good work from Zlatan.

So all in all, a solid and very entertaining win that kept me from starting Doug Coupland's Generation A. Which is what I'm going to do now...

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DarkMandros said...

He had to spend one and a half for Barca, finally, need the support of the fans. So far it has been the opposite. They have given us all based on goals, football and titles. But this idyllic situation, sooner or later must come to an end. This sport is so capricious. With a template very similar to last year, with the same coach, same game system and one year of experience, given all the parameters necessary to repeat a dream season, however, the team just carburize . Nor should it be tremendous, but not Carburizing, I would not yield to its highest level for as long as last year. For example will suffice. This weekend, at the Cathedral and without our 9 reference, Barça is marked a spectacular first half. Football fast, smooth, serious, full-strength defense and the same attitude as last season, that is, to take the game from minute 1. However, with the Alves goal just started the second half, all change. The team, instead of going for the second goal, that of peace, began to withdraw into their own area and that, in football it is a mistake. Athletic understood that it was time to go for the party and without hesitation went for soccer tie with a practical, simple and effective. Reached a point last year, and never dreamed of.

Many speak of lack of accuracy and difficulty in finding door. I believe more in a lack of awareness and sometimes ambition. Although Pep tries to make the player does not fall into complacency, it is difficult to get if from the outside, they merely repeat that you are number one and you practice the better football on the planet.
Sometimes it seems that the boat is too much about. Start with the parties and too parsimonious when it wants to get to play 30 minutes have passed since the first parte.Hay to wake up, we must recover the hunger and winning mentality. In that Eto'o has been lost. Eye, I say that change is bad for Ibra. Ibrahimovich technically better than Cameroon in practically everything. However, Samuel's contagious attitude, and forced everyone to tighten up teeth ... that's something irreplaceable. Now our team has more tactical options, but less heart.

As I say with the title, now is the opportunity for amateur culé, in returning to the team, all you gave us last year. With Barca in a delicate situation in the Champions League and Ibra played with Messi, Touré and Abidal have the flu and the evil emboldened, it's time to forget, even momentarily, the gaps that everyone is seeing on the field lately and supporting death at eleven gladiators who will defend us both the Tuesday and Saturday.

For once, let our mattress syndrome par excellence, overcome our now famous self-destructive effect, rely on a group of Pep hand, has transported us tantric pleasure levels achieved with some powder only sporadically and always remembered.

Yes, we must analyze what is happening this year. It is no good putting on the bandage. Messi is sad, missing Henry, Iniesta depression, Alves is no longer whether GP and barely reaches the 125cc, Piqué Bauer was left in Ibiza and the Kaiser, each day gives us more reasons to those who ask for your retirement. But now is no time to criticize, it's time pa 'ELP. To sink the morale and is the brunete media. We get on with it. There is equipment to overcome these two exams serious note we have this week. Moreover, while lady luck has been with the low exquivos, has blessed us to stake our life at the Nou Camp. Tot Camp should be a clam, an impregnable fortress, the 12th man.