Thursday, August 28, 2008

Siempre con nosotro

Today is the first anniversary of the death of Antonio Puerta. He was just twenty two. His son Aitor will be one on October 22nd.

Champions League Draw

The bore-a-thon that is the European Cup draw was on today and Barça got something of a joke group. Sporting Lisbon, Basel and Shaktar are fairly poor sides and I would expect, with the possible exception of a trip to Donetsk in early October, that the blaugrana will take maxium points.


Stromp said...

We'll show you who the joke is you arrogant clown!


Thomas Kelly said...

While Sporting are not without some good players (Moutinho, Veloso and Liédson in particular plus ex-blaugrana Fabio Rochemback), they're weak at the back, don't have a decent golkeeper and have the hopeless Hélder Postiga upfront.

Also, given that either Veloso (to Tottenham) or Moutinho (Everton?) will leave before the transfer window closes, I think that takes a big bite out of their midfield.

Perhaps 'joke' is too strong a word, but Sporting are hardly world beaters.

Stromp said...

The goalkeeper is Patricio who is a youngster with a lot of potential. Although I conceed he is not yet a great goalkepper.

As for the defense, we have the world champion Polga and Caneira (ex Valencia). I wouldn't say we're weak back there...

In the attack, remember this name: Yannick Djaló.

We may not be world beaters, but we sure aren't an easy team to beat. You'll see that specially in Lisbon.

I bet on Barça and Sporting to go ahead.

Thomas Kelly said...

I've never thought much of Caneira, he's been round the houses (this is what, his third spell at Sporting?) and he's not settled anywhere. On the few occasions I saw him play for Valencia I was not impressed.

As for Djaló, I see he's been called into the Portuguese squad. Good for him. Sporting, unlike Benfica, who haven't produced a decent player since Rui Costa, have always been a hot-bed of excellent youngsters. I look forward to seeing him at the Camp Nou.