anterior cruciate ligament injury and all, on his crutches in beside Charly, than see Thuram line out for the blaugrana again. Good god. I don't envy Pep, he has it all to do. Not least how do you solve a problem like Thierry Henry, who's scored four gols in the last three matches (like it matters now), but who has generally been about as effective as a cardboard cut out of Thierry Henry. He's said that he wants to stay and I can't see anyone descent wanting to sign him (the likes of Newcastle et al have of course been mentioned but like he's going there) Not to get all "I told you so" but I was very much against the signing of Henry from the beginning, it was a real galactico move and it's been a disaster for all concerned. Whether he can step it up next time around under new management, perhaps playing through the middle I don't know. It's not like he's crap but his mind seems to be elsewhere (Ashburton Grove perhaps?) and he's been incredibly negative in interviews. I'd ditch him, but as I said, where?

I'm away to Milano for the rest of the week so it'll be all quite on the blogging front until I get back. There'll be a review of the season up next Sunday or Monday though. Until then.