Friday, April 18, 2008

A preview of sorts

You'll have to excuse this briefest of brief posts but I have a plane to BCN to catch. Tomorrow night it's Barcelona (one win in seven) vs. Espanyol (one win in nine) in the Catalan derby. I'd expect Barça to win given their home advantage and the fact that I'm traveling all the way to see them. Messi, given only twenty five minutes against Recre may even start in preparation for Wednesday night's showdown/ game of futbol against Manchester United.

Deco too, back in training after a prolonged absence, may feature. His return would be a huge boost because my have they missed him.

One player who probably won't feature is Eric Abidal, who this week was speaking of his poor form and difficulty in adjusting to late late kick-offs in La Liga. While this didn't quite translate into "drop me" as many of the English papers thought it did he's still likely to sit it out with old warhorse Sylvinho coming in on the left.

One last thing, a curious note in The Guardian today about Thierry Henry's earnings in his last season at Arsenal. It would appear that they were in excess of £10 million. Crikey as James Richardson would say. And didn't he earn it eh folks with a total of seventeen starts in thirty-eight... I gots to go. Full match report etc when I return on Tuesday.

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Mal said...

How was BCN? Good craic?

Have you seen this? Sounds like he's off to Chelsea. Bad timing. He could have left it until after the utd games.