Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hold me now

So it turns out that 'dinho just needs a hug. Or maybe a arm around him telling him what a good guy he is and how it's all going to work out. So says Sylvinho.

"Ronnie needs our support and affection. He needs us to feel that we are with him and for us to give him a hug. We need him to come back as soon as possible as he is a very important player for us."

I think he needs to get over himself, lose some weight, regain his fitness and drive and stop sulking. But what do I know...

Speaking of sulking, the new kid on the block who isn't Bojan, Gio Dos Santos, looks ever like he's ever closer to the door. His father said today that Manchester City were interested in whisking him to the midlands. Expect there to be a great deal more of this between now and May.

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