Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Illmatic

Having spent much of this week coughing and blowing my nose it's taken me until now to get it together. In that time Barça have hobbled through two games, a convincing 0-2 win away to Mallorca and a 1-1 draw at Sevilla in the Copa. Edmilson, just back from a knee injury that's kept him out for the last seven months, tore his left thigh at the Ramon Sanchez on Wednesday night. Deco and 'dinho remain on the sidelines, the former likely to be included in the squad to face Murcia tomorrow night. Yaya Toure is off to the African Cup of Nations and Samuel Eto'o will be joining him on Sunday. Marc Crosas is out on loan, though not to Real Sociedad as has been mooted, but, rather surprisingly, to Lyon. Messi is still out and with seemingly little progress being made on signing a new golkeeper to replace Albert Jorquera, turning up at the Camp Nou with a pair of boots on match day may well earn you a spot on the bench.

So what else has been happening? It appears that both Santi and Gianluca Zambrotta are staying, though I can see Zambrotta slinging his hook in the summer, possibly to Milan. Santi will of course be out of contract by then and there is zero chance of him signing a new one. Ezquerro has said that if he were to leave Barça he'd want to go to another big club, which is fair enough I suppose, if somewhat fanciful. He's thirty-one now and hasn't played regularly for almost three seasons.

I'm curious to see how Crosas will do at Lyon. I've never seen him play but I've heard good things. It's a better move than Sociedad only if he sees some playing time, which considering OL have and abundance of midfielders, seems unlikely. We shall see.

That's about it in the round-up stakes, I didn't see either game this week and will probably miss Murcia on the weekend too but I'll cobble something together on Sunday.


Mal said...

What do you reckon about this? I wonder if Liverpool might stick in a bid for him in the summer? Do you reckon that he could still play in the hole, behind el Nino like he did at Porto?

Thomas Kelly said...

I wouldn't at all be surprised to see him leave in the summer. It's not the first time this has come up. Deco will by 31 by then and I can see the blaugrana cashing in on him. He'd be a super signing for any team, he's awesome and Barcelona are a different team with him in the side.