Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The best of the best

The elite. The shortlist for FIFA World Player of the year was published today and it's a farce. The full list is here. It's hard to know where to begin so let's start at the Camp Nou. There are seven blaugrana on the list; Messi, 'dinho, Eto'o, Deco, Thuram, Marquez and Henry. Now Barcelona's season was far from disastrous but of the seven, Thuram and Marquez were among the worst players to wear the shirt, Thuram in particular has been very poor at times. Deco has been up and down too and far from the player he was in the European Cup winning season (though he's very much on point again right now). Of the others Eto'o spent the majority of the year out injured and again wasn't the best when he did return.

But that's not the half of it. Among those listed are: Canna, who's been rubbish at Madrid, Lahm, Nesta, Torres, Viera and Lampard. There is no place for any Sevilla player (that's right, no Dani Alves), no Iker Casillas, no Zlatan, no Totti (again, ala Sevilla not a single AS Roma player), no Sergio Ramos, no David Villa, no Jamie Carragher (who's picking this, Steve McLaren?)... it goes on.

Obviously this is a load of bollocks and who's to say who the best player in the World is but still, this is just a random list of famous players. Anyway, rant over. Kaka will win in any case and he deserves it. 100% Jesus. Good night.

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