Friday, June 29, 2007

Anyone buyin' or sellin' players?

It's as if Barry Fry or 'arry Redknapp have come to Barcelona. With Henry and Toure already signed, today saw the arrival of Eric Abidal from Lyon in a deal worth £10 million. He replaces Gio Van Bronckhorst who rejoined Feyenoord on a free transfer on Wednesday. I've only seen Abidal a few times, Champions League and the World Cup and I can't say I was wildly impressed by him. He is more defensive than Gio and seems less interested in bombing forward and being caught out of position, which is a plus. An interesting aside to Abidal's signing is that his agent is Marco Simone, the former Milan, PSG and Monaco forward.

Joining Gio in the out tray could be Edmilson and Gudjohnsen, both of whom have been linked with a move to Newcastle, a deal with the former seemingly close to being signed. Frankly I'm amazed. Edmilson is a very good player, certainly much better than Newcastle, where good players go to die. As for Gudjohnsen, I'm no fan but Owen aside he's much better than the other scrubber forwards they have on Tyneside (I don't rate Viduka or Martins at all. Viduka is a decent finisher but he's slow, overweight and never seems that bothered. Martins is just useless, he scores the odd spectacular gol but most of the time he runs around like he's on fire but with little effect) I would have thought that both Edmilson and Vanilla Ice would have more ambition and would look to sign for a better club (Edmilson was linked with Milan in January).

I wouldn't see the loss of either as being a big deal. I have ill-concealed contempt for Gudjohnsen and Edmilson has been injured an awful lot since he joined the blaugrana in 2004 and is currently out with a knee injury that could see him sidelined for up to six months.


Giuly out, to either Monaco or Marseille? Plus there's still no deal for Chivu. When I hear more dear readers, so will you. Off the record, on the QT and very hush hush.


Mal said...

Has Yaya signed yet? I reckon he could add a bit of steel that's sometimes missing from the Deco, Xavi and Iniesta midfield.

Thomas Kelly said...

He signed last week (see my last post). Seems the deal for Gabriel Milito is done too (from what I read today, what with Juve having signed Andrade from Deportivo La Coruna).