Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why watching Barcelona is like watching Leinster

You have to wonder if Sevilla really want to win La Liga. At home to Santander on Sunday they could only manage a 0-0 draw that saw them remain one point behind Barcelona, who lost 1-0 to Saragossa on Saturday night. With their draw and FCB's loss, the real *groan* winners this weekend are Madrid, who won 2-0 at home against Osasuna. They've won three on the bounce and despite being absolutely awful for much of the season they're right there, only two points off the top.

Suffering the blaugrana's limp performance at the Romareda had much in common with my Friday night, spent watching Leinster make a balls of it in Glasgow, losing 26-20 yet still managing to stay top of the Magners League. Frustrating, depressing, a sinking feeling that 1nce they went behind that was pretty much it. Utterly battered in the first half, Barcelona, playing their "it worked that one time in the Copa" 3-4-3 formation, could have been at least three down, catching it from every angle yet somehow managing to go in all-square. After the break it was more of the same until Diego Milito bundled in the winner on fifty-seven, D'Alessandro somehow managing to fire a cross in past both Oleguer and Thuram and Diego getting in between Valdes and Puyol to nudge it over the line. It was a comedic gol to conceed but certainly no more than Saragossa deserved. Barça were well beaten and bar a few wild lashes in the direction of gol, they never looked like scoring.

Atletico Madrid aside, Barcelona have now played every one of the top six sides twice and have won all of two games, 3-1 against Sevilla and 2-1 against Saragossa, both at home. Nine games and two wins. Hardly the form of Champions.

Before I go, I did a little youtubing on Rodrigo Palacio and found this. Some cracking gols but most of them are against woeful opposition so it's very hard to judge.


Mal said...

Do you rate Diego Milito? He does seem to be doing well this year.

Mal said...

Do you think there is any truth in the Guddy to Utd rumours?

Thomas said...

Milito is a striker in the style of Didier Drogba. He's strong, bustling, difficult to mark, a good finisher and he goes over with the slightest contact. He's also quite the diver. So I wouldn't be a fan but I recognise his talent.

As for Guddy, I wouldn't be surprised to see him dumped in the nearest wheely bin come the summer. £8 million he cost. £8 million! I could care less where he goes so long as there's someone else wearing the number seven shirt next season.