Saturday, April 14, 2007


Sunday night sees the return of one of Barça's prodigal sons, Argentine striker Maxi Lopez, with his current team Real Mallorca. Pushed out of the Camp Nou in the summer, Maxi has had a reasonable run of it at the San Moix, playing twenty four games and scoring two gols (twice as many as he got for the blaugrana). In a brief interview on Thursday, Maxi was his typical humble self, saying his heart is with Barça, so hopefully he won't try too hard come seven o'clock tomorrow night.

The Eto'o is back in the squad but both Motta and 'dinho miss out through injury. Oleguer and poor Santi Ezquerro are left out just because. The team will likely line up with Messi, Giuly and Eto'o upfront and Deco, Xavi and Iniesta behind them. Only a fool would speculate as to the defense, which changes more often than the wind.

I'll be checking out the Santander Real game tonight, know your enemy and all that. Finally, an interview with Lillian Thuram I saw on the wires where he rails against Nicolas Sarkozy. Bravo Lillian!

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