Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saragossa, Depor and YouTube

"Santiago Ezquerro is also set to miss the game as he his rested." Rested. Maybe Santi has been doing the garden all week or building a wall and he's knackered from all the manual labour. Or maybe he has a new baby who's keeping him up all night and he'd give anything for a good night's sleep. Rested. Come. Off. It.

In addition to Santi, Barça will be without Eto'o (tendonitis), Motta (insert random injury here) and Belletti (groin strain) for what will be a tough game. Saragossa are a good side, only three points behind Valencia in fifth. Diego Milito has notched up 18 gols in La Liga and they're unbeaten in their last six games in the League. Interupting that run of form is their 1-2 loss to Barcelona in the Copa at the tail end of February. The blaugrana were exceptional that night, really digging out a result. They'll need to show the same steal and resolve if they're to remain two points ahead of Sevilla come Sunday evening. Deco returns with two of his fingers strapped up, as does Marquez, who has been out in the cold for the last few games on the back of some very poor displays.

A Messi!

A quick word on last weekend's 2-1 victory over Depor. I had a whole post on this written but then Safari crashed out and I lost it. Essentially it was about how pre-Hector Cuper and Rafa Benitez Valencia, before Sevilla stopped selling all their best players, that Deportivo were the only team challenging the Real-Barça hegemony (Sociedad were a splash in the pan). It was long and involved and it's time has passed so don't expect to see it any time soon. Instead, what about Messi's gol? Excellent control from 'dinho to jink past Coloccini, a pinpoint pass and a get-in! finish. Sensational.

You Tube and Palacio

Following Chelsea's opening of an official YouTube channel about a month ago, Barça have one of their own. Currently the most interesting thing up there is Ludovic Giuly sticking out his tongue while tying his bootlaces but it's only been up a few days so I'm willing to believe it'll get better. In tamdem with the new website FCB are going all web 2.0 on our asses. More of this I say. Finally, it seems fairly certain that Barcelona will sign Rodrigo Palacio in the summer from Boca Juniors. Palacio's name has come up a lot in the past few months and reportedly the club made a bid for him in the transfer window that was rejected.

But with Saviola on his way, Mallorca likely to make Maxi Lopez' loan permanent and increasing murmurs of Guddy being shipped back to blighty, the deal is back on. I haven't seen anything of the Boca number 14 bar his brief cameo against the Ivory Coast in the World Cup but I hear good things. Right, it's game time. A full report tomorrow.

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