Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things fall apart

What the hell? Like really... A 1-2 home defeat to follow the meltdown at Valencia. Completely dominating possession, wasted chances (looking at you Javier Saviola and Leo Messi), farcical defending, comical golkeeping, where to begin? It's very easy to see Barça falling into the abyss should they lose to either Sevilla or Real later in the month and fail to turn this tie around at Anfield (which on tonights evidence looks unlikely) From being unbeatable and completely unfazable the blaugrana looked well beaten tonight 1nce Riise struck Liverpool's second gol, like they've lost all self belief.

After a solid first half, an excellent gol from Deco (what a cross from Zambrotta!) that finished by conceding a very soft equaliser, Barcelona were pretty hopeless in the second half, lacking penetration, a midfield (after Rijkaard's substitutions) and any sort of direction. Late on Belletti did in his knee and will surely miss the Bilbao game on Sunday evening. What else? Saviola was okay but should have buried at least one of the chances that came his way. Marquez will have to take the blame for the second gol, what he was doing I don't know apart from playing the ball to Bellamy.

It was a bad night on a lot of fronts but it was tempered by the good humour and singing of the crowd of Catalans I watched the game with in Keatings. Força Catalunya and finally an apology to Mal for my railing on Sissoko. It would appear he actually is injured. With any luck he'll miss the second leg, he was outstanding tonight.


Mal said...

Good match and a great atmosphere in the pub thanks to the Catalans and their singing. Looking forward to the second leg and there is no way that this tie is over yet. With players like 'Dinho, Eto'o and Messi Barca are well capable of turning it around.

Sergi said...

was a bad night for FCBarcelona, but not for us!
Knowing irish FCB supporters is always a pleasure

As the anthem says "Una bandera ens agermana" (a flag makes us brothers!)

Mal said...

Barca are my second team and if Liverpool do get beaten in the second leg then I will be backing Barca to go all the way.

Thomas said...

I don't know Mal. Eto'o has just three games between now and the second leg to get match fit. Messi was very head-down last night and 'dinho looks over-weight. Liverpool are very strong at home and Barça will have to go all out to win, thus leaving themselves vunerable at the back (which they are already)