Sunday, February 18, 2007


Deco off, Albelda off and Barcelona completely off. Blunt up front and lacking any focus to their attack, finishing the game with Messi, Giuly, 'dinho (who was bloody awful, despite scoring a freekick right at the death) and Iniesta. No strikers, Saviola left on the bench, Gudjohnsen brutal, frequently offside and offering little or nothing until he was hauled off. Despite completely dominating possession (68%), Butelle barely had a save to make. Most of the blaugrana's forward play was over-elaborate and flat. Defensively they were a mess in the second half, both of Valencia's gols were as much down to complete lack of concentration as they were to quick and incisive play from David Villa and Angulo.

The first half was a complete non-event bar Valdes save from Villa. Barcelona looked comfortable without ever threatening. Too many loose passes when it mattered and solid defending from Valencia, Ayala was fantastic. The second forty five were another matter however, as Barcelona plodded along, keeping possession but doing nothing what-so-ever with it. Either play broke down through the middle or it went out wide only to be crossed in to er, no-one in the centre.

The sendings off of Deco and David Albelda for two wild and reckless tackles were completely justified and coming as they did five minutes or so after the second gol really knocked the stuffing out of FCB, though they didn't change the pattern of the game a whole lot. Deco will now miss the Athletic Bilbao match next Sunday, the fool.

Tonight was quite the disaster. The team were all hat and no cattle and with Liverpool coming up so soon (Wednesday night) they have little time to put it right. Sammy is still not fit and Guddy *sigh* Guddy is a load of bollocks. Messi looks alright again but he's only played about fifty minutes. Edmilson was poor again in the centre of defense alongside Puyol... the list goes on. Meanwhile Sevilla are already 2-0 up on Atletico. Oh dear.

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