Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Frank and Sammy Smackdown

Oh dear. It's like the bad old days under Nunez and Gaspart with everyone airing their dirty laundry in public and stabbing each other in the back. From today's Fiver:

The Cameroonian's return from injury was supposed to spur the team to new heights ahead of their elimination of Liverpool, but instead it has triggered a ruckus, with the player reacting furiously to Rijkaard's claim that he refused to come on as a substitute towards the end of Sunday's 2-0 win over Santander. "You're a bad person if you go to a press conference and claim Samuel Eto'o didn't want to play," fumed Eto'o, joining legends like Pele, Ray Barneveld and George Costanza in referring to himself in the third person.

Eto'o, a known favourite of Laporta, then hinted that Rijkaard dissed him solely to score points against the president. "In Barcelona, there are two groups: one of the president and one of the other person," he explained, seemingly unable to bring to utter Rijkaard's name. "It's a war between two people and has nothing to do with me. If anyone has the balls to say something to my face, then let them spit it out."

To add to this debacle Ronaldinho has weighed in (the stupid headline blows his comments all out proportion though) when he would really have been better keeping his mouth shut. A post on the Barça website quotes Eto'o further without actually clarifying who said what.

With the blaugrana finally back to something like their old selves against Santander and with such a tough run of games coming up, this kind of internal bickering played out in the media is the last thing they need. I would doubt that Eto'o will travel to Valencia with the squad this wknd which will of course start the entire news cycle over again. This is no good folks, no good. More news from the front when I get it.

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Mal said...

I've heard that Deco and Rijkaard have had three rows, the third one of which was in public and Deco isn't happy. Still don't know who in ENgland is after him.
Did you read the piece in the fiver today saying Rijkaard is a lucky manager? I thought it was really unfair. Don't think that lucky managers win the champions league and la liga.