Monday, February 19, 2007


Samuel Eto'o may have mouthed off about Ronaldinho, Frank Rijkaard and Joan Laporta last week he didn't attack any of them with a golf club. Nor were any of the Barcelona players out getting beer lary. Craig Bellamy's rather incredible behaviour, taking umbrage at John-Arne Riise's refusal to sing karaoke and deciding to sort him out with a five iron could see him fined £80,000 (so what, that's like a weeks wages maybe?) but more importantly he could be left out of the squad on Wednesday. I think Bellamy is a complete tramp and Rafa Benitez only has himself to blame by buying him in the first place. Bellamy has plenty of previous and is a generally objectionable and obnoxious sort. On the pitch he's very quick but he's not the best of finishers and is incredibly selfish. Sammy may be a bit of a prick but he's absolutely brilliant, which makes up for a lot.

Squad news, putting tips and details on what song it was that Riise wouldn't sing if and when I get 'em.

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Mal said...

Reports now suggest that Bellamy threatened Riise with a golf club rather than actually hitting him. Still wouldn't be surprised if he were to be sold in the summer. Tabloid exageration like the Dudek headbutted a cop and was led away in handcuffs rubbish.
Good Phil Ball article here.