Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Letter writing campaign

Dear Mr. Rijkaard,

it has come to my attention that Javier Saviola, the Argentine striker currently at Barcelona, has scored six gols in the past three games, including a hat-trick tonight against Alaves in the Copa Del Rey. Please start him at the weekend ahead of that waster from Iceland who has stolen his number seven shirt.


Thomas Kelly

Concerned Cule

Barça also conceded two tonight against a team in the Segunda Liga, twelfth in the Segunda, and were generally rubbish aside from Javier. Thankfully their next game is against 'nastic, a team who ought be in the Segunda.

In other news, Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon railed on just about everyone today; the players, the fans, former club president Florentino Perez and Real punching bag de jour, David Beckham. And the club fined coach Fabio Capello for giving the finger to fans at the Saragossa game on Sunday. It's always nice to know that however bad things are at Barça right now they're so much worse in Madrid. Good night.


Mal O'Brien said...

Do you think that Capello will last much longer at Real? Is Saviola nearly out of contract? If so I assume he'll leave in the summer. Where do you reckon he'll go?

linda said...

Fortunately, Rijkaard said that 'Saviola deserves to start' after the match, so maybe that will happen. If it doesn't, we can all blame Txiki.

Also: Rijkaard at center-back would be better than Marquez is right now. What's wrong with him?

(Funny that the top 3 are all in some form of 'crisis'.)

Thomas said...

Mal: Hard to say if Capello will last a Real. If, as expected, there's another Presidential election (due to voting irregularities the first time around, chiefly to do with postal votes) current president Calderon may not win so that would throw a real spanner in the works. I don't know how serious the talk of Mourinho going to Madrid really is, it could just be bluster on the back of his row with Abramovich.

On the Saviola front, I think he'll be out the door in the summer. There have been mutterings of renewing his contract and he may be more highly valued by a new coach if indeed Rijkaard does step down but I think the most likely outcome is that he will leave. There was a story this morning linking him with Juve, but then every player under the sun is being linked with the Old Lady so I wouldn't put a great deal of stock in it. I reckon another Spanish club would be more likely.