Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Palacio, Aguero and the Christmas break

As the Premiership packs in four games in ten days, La Liga takes a break until early January and my could Barça do with the break. Held to a 1-1 draw by Atletico Madrid in their last match before Christmas, the blaugrana looked tired and lethargic. Thuram injured himself as Sergio Aguero blew by him to score Atletico's equaliser. Los colchoneros set themselves up very defensively, packing the centre of the park and hitting Barcelona on the counter attack. Xavi, who made some excellent runs and Iniesta, who's passing was 1nce again on point, aside, Barça were pretty flat and despite the bluster on a draw was about as much as they deserved. The defence, down to it's bare bones, looked very shaky. Aguero (the first time I've seen him play a full match) was excellent, a constant threat against Old Man River Lillian Thuram. Having seen quite a bit of him on YouTube and being well aware of the ridiculous hype that surrounded him before signing for Atletico, I was anxious to see how he performed. He's now scored four gols in nine starts (and seven appearences as substitute) and at only eighteen will no doubt mature into a fabulous player.

January Sales

On to another Argentine forward, Boca's Rodrigo Palacio. This week Sky Sports reported that the Boquita turned down a bid of €19 million from Barcelona. Club President Mauricio Macri met with FCB while in Spain concluding the Gago deal with Real but a price could not be agreed on.

It seems that despite all their talk of not needing to sign anyone that the blaugrana are indeed sounding out new forwards. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Iaquinta's name come up again as it did two years ago before Maxi Lopez was brought in. Gudjohnsen is just not doing it in Eto'o absence and with Saviola still not being considered an option (lord knows why not) so other options are naurally being considered. I'd rather that they stick with what they have. Javier will want to put himself in the shop window when he returns to full fitness and the latest word on Sammy is that he'll be back in late February so unless they're thinking long term I don't see the sense in getting another forward player in to plug the gap for a month or two.

With no FCB games until January 7th my posts will be a little thin on the ground between now and then but I should get a Thuram piece up by this time next week, it's fairly quiet in work so I gots time.

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