Monday, December 18, 2006

Massive waste of time yields injury and jet lag

The pointless lost in translation exercise that is the World Club Super Mega Hyper Cup has ended in defeat for Barcelona and a muscle tear for Gianluca Zambrotta that will see him miss the next four games, starting with Thursday's game against Athletico Madrid. If I didn't have anytime for this debacle before it kicked off I really don't now. Zambrotta has finally started to play like his old bianconeri self and now he's sidelined until mid-January thanks to an injury in a complete waste of time match. I really don't understand the rationale behind sending out a full strength team for such a non-event. Barça are lucky in that they have plenty of cover in the full back positions but what if 'dinho or Giuly had gotten crocked in this farce? Anyway, it's over now and Barcelona return home to find themselves in second behind Sevilla, 1-3 winners over Huelva today and with Real breathing down their necks, one point off with thirty two, having muscled their way past a resurgent Espanyol side. Fan. Tastic.


linda said...

Look on the bright side: maybe this will actually make Rijkaard (who is steaming mad about the performance, no doubt about it) and the squad itself do something about their many problems on the playing field this season. We have no penetration against a defensive team right now - bad news for facing Liverpool.

Also, European Footballer of the Year got himself sent off. I will not laugh, I will not laugh...

Thomas said...

I do hope so.

Canna is now World Footballer of the Year too. I think Gigi Buffon was more deserving but good on Fabio, he was incredible in the World Cup and for the bianconeri these last few seasons. It's nice to see a defender win these awards. It's much too easy to hand them out to 'dinho, Zidane, Ronaldo or whatever forward is trendy any particular year. Canna won it though hard graft as much as talent.