Thursday, December 21, 2006

Defeatist attitude

I'll admit that Barça's recent form against Atletico doesn't bode well for tonight's game at the Camp Nou. The other side from Madrid, Fernando Torres et al, always seem to step it up a gear against the blaugrana, no matter how badly they've been playing. Atletico are like a poor man's Inter, it's always going to be their year, whoever they've signed is the final piece in the jigsaw (an other such crap) and of course it all goes horribly wrong within a month or two of the start of the season. Things are somewhat different this time around. While they've suffered injuries to key players, Maxi and Petrov are a huge loss in midfield, and they haven't played all that well, they're currently fourth and look to have all the right tools to make a stab at Champions League qualification, especially with Valencia blowing hot and cold.

The Barcelona squad for the game is pretty thin, Olmo and Crossas are in with Gio, Sylvinho, Edmilson, Zambrotta and Marquez all out. Saviola is back but having been out for over a month he'll only get a late run out if anything. I'm totally running out the door now but I reckon Barça will win this, 2-1 maybe. It's about time they got over the Athletico hump.

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