Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Sofia and beyond

After Barcelona's relatively easy 1-4 win over Mallorca (previously the tightest defense in the league) on Sunday night, with gols from Guddy (two), Iniesta and Ezquerro (bravo Santi!), it's onward and downward to Sofia and a must win game (there must be another phrase for this, it's such a dreadful cliche...). The gang's all here, with the eighteen fit players in the blaugrana squad arriving in Bulgaria yesterday.

Barça played Levski off the pitch in their first Champions League game of the season, beating them 5-0 at the Camp Nou and the Bulgarian side are bottom of the group with no points and have scored just one gol. Frank Rijkaard's side really ought have no trouble winning later on today. While they're still not firing on all cylinders, Iniesta is playing very well, the defense, Marquez aside, looks sound and Levski Sofia are rubbish. The game kicks off at 7:45 and will be live on Sky Sports Active. Press your red button now.

Round up: Mitjans dies at age ninety seven and UNICEF advert

Francesc Mitjans, the architect who designed the Camp Nou, has died at age ninety seven. The stadium, opened in 1957, is one of four five star arenas in Spain (the Bernabeu, the Calderon and Olimpico Sevilla are the others)

In a bid to further Barça's holier-than-thou image, they club have produced an advert to coincide with World Children's Day. It looks and sounds more like a promo for the Champions League than anything else and it's painted in thick strokes but still, their heart is in the right place. Take a look for yourself here (requires Flash 9)


linda said...

God, I'm nervous about this game. Iniesta is brilliant right now, but as you said, something's really wrong with Marquez and Puyol - understandably - hasn't been right either.

Visca el Barca! (Even if the holier-than-thou thing is getting annoying. Can we at least not become the laughing stock of Europe by crashing out of the CL first?)

Thomas said...

Well they edged it. Hardly a fantastic performance but Valdes was solid and good to see Iniesta get amongst the gols. He really is on point these days.