Sunday, November 26, 2006


Good lord.

What with birthdays and poker last night I didn't see any of the blaugrana's thumping of Villarreal bar highlights on youtube. A very dodgy penalty award sent FCB on their way. I think that Jose Mourinho was right when he said that Guddy has learned to dive at Barcelona, he goes over so often it's embarrassing.

Were it not for 'dinho's incredible gol we'd all be talking about Andreas Iniesta and his fine volley for the third on sixty nine minutes. But Iniesta's not famous enough or high profile enough to make the headlines. It's taken me about three hours to write this much, I'm bloody knackered, my concentration is shot and I've been doing everything bar finishing this, from watching the rugby to shave and some ironing. My heart just isn't in it today folks.

The Valencia Real game has just concluded and los Che have somehow conspired to lose despite completely dominating from start to finish. El Moro sat out the entire ninety minutes, watching his team fluff chance after chance, watching David Villa come off injured and Tavano, the new Igor Protti, go on ahead of him, watching the title disappear over the horizon. I'm going catch some West Wing on More4 now and end this debacle of a post. Bon Nit.

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linda said...

I don't think Guddy's learned to dive at Barca, unless he's been watching videos of Deco. He dived when playing for Chelsea, so we know it's not a new thing. And who was the making of Chief Diver Deco? Coincidence much?

Anyway, Valencia didn't deserve to lose, and Real didn't deserve 3 points (even AS and Marca are complaining about their play), but that's football.