Saturday, November 04, 2006

Carles Puyol's father dies

Barça captain Carles Puyol's father, Josep, 56, died yesterday in what is being reported as a "work related accident." Puyol has of course pulled out of the squad to face Deportivo tonight. I'll post up belated Chelsea reaction (I've been mad busy this week) and the like tomorrow eve but right now, my thoughts are with Charly.


Joe said...

Tonight is gonna be a very difficult match, let's hope the best for Barça and for Puyol.

linda said...

El Mundo Deportivo had a photo of Puyol on the front cover with his head bent, on the phone at the airport (probably having just gotten the horrible news). Looking at it made me so sad. This is just awful.

I'm not actually caring all that much about the Depor result right now.