Friday, October 13, 2006

Round our way

A few FCB stories to keep you ticking over until Sunday. In no particular order... Barcelona will play either Mexican side America or the winners of the Asian Champions League in the World Club Championship/ massive waste of time in Yokahama. Fascinating news I'm sure you'll agree.

Sylvinho is to sign a new one year extension to his contract. Sylvinho, the sensible man's choice at left back ahead of Gio will stay with the club until at least mid-2008. In other contract news, Javier Saviola is looking to gain a new one at the Camp Nou. Bar one of Sammy's legsfalling off I think this is rather unlikely.

On the golkeeping front, Victor Valdes may have to start looking over his shoulder at Oscar Ustari, currently between the posts at Independiente. Txiki Beguiristain has met with the club and the fee being mentioned is around six and a half million pounds.

Finally, Samuel Eto'o is 'interviewed' by Paul Doyle in today's Guardian. It's clear that Sammy would rather have his tonsils out than speak to Mr. Doyle, but here's the link anyway. And that's your lot.

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