Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's FCBeen a while

So the Yankee's lost to Detroit. And the A's swept the Twins. T.O.'s comeback was a bust and Notre Dame won. Go Irish! And yeah, I could give a damn about any of this. The paralysingly dull world of US sports, of grid iron football, baseball and the other one that Charles Barkley used to be good at, is inescapable over here. Every bar has five or six televisions, Sports Center (sic) is on at every hour of the day and the papers are full of it.

Mindless stats, more commercial breaks than the finale of X Factor, the stop-start, the "we've gained fifteen yards, time for everyone to have a sit down and a chat about it. No wonder American's don't like football, no one wins 98-97, games don't last dog years and there's only one break in play. And there are draws.

Walking by a guy on Fillmore yesterday who was sporting a Barcelona shirt and I realised I'd watch Blackburn Bolton before I'd suffer more fucking baseball. Roll on Sevilla on Sunday.

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