Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Black and Blue

After a referee-aided win over Huelva at the weekend, Barcelona will 1nce again face a real test tonight. Messi is back in the squad after having his ankles kicked off him in the Bernabeu, as are Zambrotta and Gio. Poor old Santi Ezquerro misses out yet again (I'm writing a piece about Santi that will be up by the end of the week)

There's been the usual hot air spewing from Jose Mourinho about Barça's diving (rich coming from a man who's Porto team turned diving into an artform) but admirably Rijkaard has refused to take the bate.

Tonight's game is a must win for Barça. They have just four points from three games and with Werder Bremen looking a signifficant threat (Diego is playing phenomenal stuff at the moment), a loss tonight could leave the blaugrana staring down the barrel of the UEFA Cup, a competition so weakened by the Champions League that the likes of Middlesboro and Sporting Lisbon can make it to the final.

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