Sunday, September 17, 2006

Beat dis

3-0. Then 5-0. Then 3-0 again. Barcelona have steamrollered all before them in the past seven days; Osasuna thanks to a brace from Eto'o and one from Leo Messi, the frankly hopeless Levski Sofia in the Champions League on Wednesday (even Carles Puyol scored and the team wore the UNICEF logo for the first time) and tonight against Santander, who, despite a few early chances, were very poor indeed, Pedro Munitis in particular. It still took Barcelona until the eighty-fourth minute to score their second, a fine gol by Giuly and 'dinho wrapped it up with a late penalty. FCB had something like 80 percent posession and despite over playing it at times never looked like losing to a team that escaped relegation by only one point last season. Deco and Eto'o, who was kicked out of it by Santander, were very impressive, as was Edmilson. Messi however was off the pace and he substitution was no surprise.

Watching the midweek game against Sofia I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment in that I couldn't help but wonder how a team that bad can make it into the Champions League. Watching Derry City hold their own against PSG on Thursday coupled with Levski's comedic performance in the Camp Nou, one would hope that in the next two or three seasons that a League of Ireland team can, with the aid of a favourable draw (Shels or Cork City would certainly have a good chance against hack and slash merchants like Anderlect), step up and make the group stages.

It's MoTD time now and as I missed all of Grand Slam Sunday (tm) earlier I'm rather looking forward to Premiership football without swooshes, Andy Gray growling and Martin Tyler talking nonsense.

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