Saturday, July 01, 2006

Four more years

Rafa Marquez extended his contract with Barcelona on Thursday until 2010. Marquez has been pivital in the Rijkaard revolution, excelling at both centre back alongside Puyol or in the holding role in midfield.

Deutschland uber alles

I'm sitting here watching England and a Deco-less Portugal bore each other into submission of a Saturday afternoon. Jesus Christ but if Gerrard wellies another pass fifty yards over Joe Cole's head and out for a throw in... Or if Hargreaves fouls anyone else... argh, Pauleta is some donkey. This is brutal. Anyway...

I haven't blogged about the World Cup mainly because I haven't seen a great deal of it with my crazy working hours. It's on in the office but I can hardly give the games my full attention. That and what I have seen hasn't been all that great (Argentina's 6-0 walloping of Sebria and Montenegro being the highlight) It was a shame to see the
Albicelestes bow out yesterday, they've played such wonderful football, Tevez, Riquelme, Ayala, Crespo and of course Leo Messi, who didn't see any action yesterday.

I'm still backing Italia to win, especially with Luca Toni, my bet for top scorer, getting off the mark last night. Speaking of Italia, my thoughts have been with Gianluca Pessotto, who tried to commit suicide on Tuesday, falling from a window at Corso Galileo Ferraris, Juve headquarters in Torino.

The Azzurri have had a lot to deal with between the match fixing scandal, the gambling accusations leveled at Gigi Buffon and now poor Luca's attempt to take his own life. It seems as if Luca's injuries are pretty serious and he may not make it. It rather puts crap games of football in perspective.

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