Sunday, July 09, 2006

Forza Italia, Giuly, Damia and shirt sponsorship

The second half of the final is just about to start so I'll keep this quite short. Ludovic Giuly has signed a two year contract extension that will see him stay at Barcelona until 2008.

Damia (currently on loan at Racing de Santander) is recovering from his hip injury back at the Camp Nou. He'll still play the next season in Santander but considering his good form there I hope that he'll be back at Bar
ça after that, he's a decent defender and very good at coming forward.

On to the major news of the last few days, Barcelona and shirt sponsorship. Though it has yet to be confirmed officially (there's an article about it on though), FCB will, for the first time wear sponsorship on their shirts this season coming. In a deal that will apparently announced on August 11th, FCB will sport the UNICEF logo. In an interesting twist, Barcelona will donate 0.7%, about £2 million per season to UNICEF. Més que un club eh?

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