Sunday, May 21, 2006

Twenty Six

I doubt I’ve seen a worse game all season. Barcelona, shorn of most of their starting eleven, weren’t bothered. Athletic Bilbao, who were pretty much at full strength were rubbish. Samuel Eto’o scored with a fantastic drive from outside the box in the first half to claim the Pichichi and equal Hugo Sanchez record of fifty goals in two seasons. Bilbao, who were awful beyond description for the first period came back to score three in the second, with Iriola, Felipe (in his last game for the club) and Oleguer (a hapless attempt at a clearance that went straight past Jorquera) all finding the net.

Maxi played alright at times but he was no where in the second half (much like the rest of the team) Jorquera made one or two good saves late on but could do nothing about any of the goals. Orlandi had a reasonable game at left back (he had one great free kick that Santi Ezquerro really ought to have put away) and er, that was about it. It’s never nice to loose but in the circumstances, who cares. Sammy got his goal and that’s all that matters. Move along, nothing more to see here.

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