Friday, May 12, 2006

'ooo are ye?

Eto'o. Ronaldinho. Giuly. Messi. Puyol. Marquez. Edmilson. Deco. van Bronckhorst. Not one of this lot will be in Sevilla this Saturday. The squad features three Barça B players (Rodri, Ludovic Sylvestre and Francisco Montañés) and one from Barça C (Francisco Javier Martos). Barça fucking C. If I were in Sevilla myself this weekend with a few hours to spare and a pair of football boots, I reckon my chances of a run out late on would be pretty good.

Expect Jorquera in goal, with Maxi and Ezquerro up front alongside Larsson. Gabri will start too, either in the holding role in midfield or at right back. If Sevilla, still on a high after their UEFA Cup victory, don't beat Barça tomorrow then they'll never beat them.

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