Wednesday, May 31, 2006

News update: Gabri and Edmilson to miss the World Cup

My season round up remains half-written and neglected. With my going to A town next week it will probably remain unfinished for a while yet. I'll get there though. In the meantime a little, and I stress a little, Barça news.

Gabri has now officially left the club. He gave his final press conference with Joan Laporta on May 29th. His most likely destination would appear to be Ajax, Henk ten Cate has stated that he'd like to bring in the Catalan midfielder. That said, should he not want to uproot his young family, Espanyol, where good footballers go to die, might be an option, but he can do better than that.

On a more somber note, FCB midfielder Edmilson today picked up an injury that will rule him out of the World Cup. He was in tears as the made the announcement today at the Brasil training camp in Weggis. Edmilson has had an absolutely outstanding season with Barça this year after missing so much of last year with a knee injury. It's the same right knee that (though this time a ruptured kneecap *ouch*) that sees him sit out the World Cup in Germany. He's a huge loss to Brasil who are very short on decent defensive players. His replacement is Minerio of Sao Paolo, who I've seen play only 1nce, against Liverpool in the World Club Super Mega Hyper Trophy Cup last year in which he scored the winner.

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