Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The 2-2 draw with Santander aside, it's been a month since Barça have scored more than one goal in either the Champions League or La Liga. There's been an uncomfortable amount of 1-0 victories and worse, 0-0 draws with fairly weak opposition (Malaga, Benfica, Cadiz). While the defence has looked resolute in the past few weeks, particularly against Milan in the first leg of the semi-final one can't help feel that if they are huffing and puffing as they were at the weekend to beat a team that's almost certain to be relegated, then ala Juventus in Italia, Barça are more likely to be limping over the finish line than flying off into the distance. On Saturday night they looked spent and with yet another game tomorrow (against fifth placed Celta de Vigo) the end of the season can't come quick enough. It seems like a very long time ago the blaugrana were thumping teams four and five nil.

Sevilla vs. Barça B

A quick update on the rained off Sevilla game. It's scheduled to be played on Saturday May 20th. That's right, a week after the season has finished and three days after the Champions League final. Not only is it likely that the game will be completely meaningless at that stage (Barça will have won the league and Sevilla qualified for the UEFA Cup) but as the season will have ended any players called to their respective World Cup squads will already have left. Brilliant.

Henk ten Cate

In a move that will leave a huge hole in the coaching staff at the Camp Nou, Henk ten Cate, Frank Rijkaard's assistant has been widely tipped to take over from Danny Blind at the next coach of Ajax. ten Cate has said that he will make an announcement on his future on May 18th, hopefully with a Champions League medal around his neck.

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Joe said...

How do you get so much information?
What's true is that Barça needs to score 3 or 4 goals in a game, as you mention we don't remember when it was the last time that Barcelona scored three or four goals.