Saturday, March 25, 2006

Words fail me

What a dreadful match. 0-0. Not much to say, incredibly scrappy, loads of fouls and aimless punts up the field to no-one in particular. The major talking point of the first half was Bar
ças disallowed goal. After Sylvinho swung in a free kick Cesar Navas handballed. The ball dropped to Eto'o and he fired it into the Malaga net. Gol! Or not, as all of the Malaga players, including Navas who handled the fucking ball in the first place, appealed to the referee to disallow the goal, claiming that it was in fact Larsson who handled. After consulting the linesman who was in no position to see anything the goal was ruled out.

And until the last minute when Samuel Eto'o hit the bar with a furious drive, that was by far the most exciting incident of the ninety. It's seldom when I'm watching the blaugrana I flick over to see what's on Sky Movies but...

Awful, lets never speak of this again.

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