Saturday, March 04, 2006

1-2 after 28 mins...

What on earth is going on? After taking the lead in the third minute through a Ronaldinho free kick Bar...

It's 2-2 now, Larsson header from 'dinhos corner. Anyway, FCB are defending so badly. Puyol at fault for the first goal, he was completely static as Juanma headed home a corner and Belletti played on Andrade as the rest of the defence stepped out for him to float another header past Valdes who was completely stranded. They're looking fairly light in midfield too, both Duscher and Sergio are running tings and Deco is 1nce again passing it to Depor more often than to one of his own players. Bar
ça could do with either Van Bommel or Motta to shore things up in the second half. The game is completely passing Iniesta by.

Incidently, the line-up is somewhat different to what was announced the other day. Giuly doesn't start, it's Eto'o, Larsson and 'dinho up front and both Gabri and Maxi make the squad.

Scratch this, the list of subs on Soccernet was completely wrong. It's since been amended.

It's almost half time now so I shall go get a cup of tea. More later folks.

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