Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The transfer window shuts, the Copa squad for tonight
Yesterday Gabri turned down a move to West Ham (who have signed Depors Lionel Scaloni on loan instead) in what was pretty much the only FCB related transfer activity in January bar Damias move to Santander. Gabri wanted to stay and I'm happy he has. He gives another option down the right, more defensive than Belletti and a bit more assured than Oleguer who still gets caught out of position occasionally when he's playing right back.

The squad for tonights "don't call it a comeback" match against Saragossa in the Camp Nou has been announced. It's as expected, no Maxi or the aforementioned Gabri as the squad can only be 16 rather than the 18 allowed for Liga games. Deco, Puyol and Giuly are back. Bar
ça need a 2-0 win to progress to the semis against Real. They should do it.

Oh, thanks to Sergi of for linking to my blog. It also turns out that for non-Catalan speakers like me, there is an English translation at the bottom of each page, so check it out. And my apologies Sergi for not spelling Bar
ça correctly. Rather than ignorance it's been down to pure laziness on my part. It shant happen again.


Joe said...

Oh, what a surprise! A big Barça supporter and blogger as well.
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therocks said...

start talking about shopping thomas will you?