Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A special one: FCB win 1-2

What a game! Two own goals! Del Horno sent off! Messi amazing, Motta shocking, Valdes shaky, Ferriera and Terry (despite his own goal) outstanding, pitch absolutely dreadful, Marquez emense. An fantastic game from start to finish. The Battle of the Somme pitch didn't help either side and there was some fairly loose passing from both sides, Motta and Deco in particular were giving-it-away, giving-it-away, giving-it-away now all evening in midfield. The best chance of the first half fell to 'dinho who's shot on the half hour was brilliantly saved by Cech. It all kicked off (as a snarling Andy Gray would say) in the thirty-fifth minute when del Horno clattered into Leo Messi, getting none of the ball and all of the Barça forward. After much rolling around, pushing and shoving and overly dramatic hand gestures del Horno was shown a straight red which which considering it was a deliberate and cyncial foul is fair enough. Geremi came on in place of Joe Cole as Chelsea re-shuffled their defence. Geremis only meanful contribution of the first half was to stop Rafa Marquez shot with his hand (no penatly though).

After the first 45 it was Crespo off and useless donkey Drogba on. Long ball ahoy! Despite enjoying over 60% of posession, FCB did damn all for the first fifteen minutes and almost on the hour mark Chelsea score from a Frank Lampard free kick that both Valdes and Motta make a complete balls of, running into each other and John Terry and haplessly watching the ball cannon off either Thiagos arse or Victors knee and into the net. Five minutes later Motta is limping off (who knows what he's injured this time but he's been rubbish this evening so no loss) Larsson on and on seventy minutes it's game on when Terry gets involved at the other end of the pitch and deflects 'dinhos freekick past Cech. For the final twenty Barça poured forward and despite some incredible Chelsea defending Samuel Eto'o got on the end of Marquez cross and powered a header past Cech. 1-2. Some other stuff happened after that, more shots on goal, more yellow cards and more last ditch defending from the Blues (it's late okay, read the match reports if you want more details, I'm going home to bed...)

The Guardian's minute-by-minute match report is here and the one here.


Katherine said...

I completely agree, what a match, what a team!

Here Thomas, that picture of Tom is on my blog now.

Joe said...

Absoltely truth, what a match, and what a fantastic team we have.

We were the only team in the pitch.