Sunday, February 26, 2006

Scumbags and racists: Dublin and Saragossa

Thuggery and rioting in Dublin verus moronic racism in Saragossa. It's hard to know which is worse.

One also has to wonder whether the Spanish FA (who fined Saragossa €600 for similar chanting last year, six-fucking-hundred euros, they'd get a stiffer fine if they parked the team bus illegally) will do anything about this or if it will be the same old vague and empty promises, something along the lines of "this sort of behaviour cannot be tolerated" while ignoring it and hoping that it might go away. The only way to deal with this is by docking the clubs who allow this ignorant behaviour to take place points or give them heavy stadium bans. The clubs have loads of money and unless the fines are €1,000,000 upwards they're unlikely to take any notice of them. Losing three points because some idiots want to make monkey noises at Samuel Eto'o or Julio Baptista or playing a few games behind closed doors is far more likely to have an impact and make them sit up and do something. Otherwise you can expect to hear racist fucks ooh-ooh-oohing to their hearts content, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to either them or their club as a result of it.

Like it matters all that much in light of what happened but Barcelona won the game 0-2 with a Ronaldinho (who limped off late on) penatly after former Barça player Albert Celades handled on the line in the seventy ninth minute and Larsson converting Eto'os cross in the eighty first. which leaves them eight points clear of Valencia after their draw this afternoon with Getafe and ten of Real who lost for the second time in a week, 2-1 away to the utterly useless Mallorca.

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