Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dirty Tricks and Larsson going back to Sweden

The forever injured Thiago Motta spoke today of how Barça expect dirty tricks from Chelsea in their Champions League encounter. Considering the nonsense that went on last year with Andres Frisk, Ricardo Carvalho's challange on Victor Valdes as the winning goal was scored and the general poisionous atmosphere between the two clubs, I'm hoping it's the football we'll be talking about this time rather than Jose Mourinhos mouthing off about everything from Deco's diving (he has some nerve) to Frank Rijkaard daring to speak to the referee.

Also reported today by the BBC is Henrik Larssons return to Sweden at the end of the season, signing an 18 month deal with Helsingborg. No surprise here, between injuries and Eto'os amazing form Larsson has hardly gotten a look in since he joined the club in 2004 from Celtic.

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