Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's been a long time...

So it's been a while since I last posted anything. I'm currently broadbandless in my new abode (on the Merrion Road) and don't have blogger access in work so you'll have to excuse my lack o' posting for another week or two. Loads of stuff has been going on at FCB of late. Here's a quick run down:

Henry staying at Arsenal - good news if your name is Leo Messi or Ludovic Giuly but rather disappointing if you're anyone else at Barca. Henrys arrival in the summer seemed a certainty but yesterday he said that he will sign a new contract with the Gunners.

Damia loaned to Santander - hardly in the same league as the Henry story, but the right sided defender is being loaned to Racing for the remainder of this season and next. There is no option to buy. With Belletti, Gabri and Oleguer all ahead of him in the queue it's a sensible move for him. He ought do well in a Santander side who are fairly poor.

Eto'o and the African Cup of Nations - Samuel Eto'o, scorer of the winner last night in the derby against Espanyol, will join up with The Cameroons after the game this week against Athletic Bilbao. He'll miss the games against Alaves, Mallorca and Athletico Madrid plus some Copa Del Rey games. So long as he doesn't get injured in Egypt I don't see there being anything to worry about here, the aforementioned three are poor sides and Barca should beat them anyway.

1-3 win at Zamora in the Copa Del Rey - Barca beat Zamora, who play in Segunda B, 1-3 away. The only points of interest were Van Bommels return and the fact that Zamora scored first. The second leg is to be played in the Camp Nou this week. Nothing more to see here, move along.

Putas, putas Espanyoles! 1-2 win in the derby - only caught the very end of the first half and the second last night. Barca the better team with goals either side of half time from Deco (who was stretchered off after being knocked unconcious after colliding with Motta) and Eto'o. Espanyol looked much better once they scored and made a right go of it in the end. Motta was excellent as were Eto'o, Edmilson and Messi. The win is the blaugranas 15th in a row.

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