Sunday, January 29, 2006

Catalans in Dublin

My mate Mal sent me this link. It's a site for Catalans living in Dublin developed by a guy he used work with. Being as my Catalan is limited to asking for the bill, bidding someone good night and wishing them a Merry Christmas I have no idea what's on there but none the less...

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search said...

Hi Thomas, this is Sergi, the webmaster of (catalans in Dublin) and the guy who worked with Mal!
It's fantastic to know about Barcelona supporters in Ireland!

The website its about catalan people who lives in Dublin, and learning and sharing info about this nice Island!
And of course, we like Barça!

There's an automatic (and sometimes very funny) translation to english in the bottom of each page.

We are trying the get the official status of "penya blaugrana", a official group of Barça supporters! Meanwhile u can play with our "porra" that is our friendly bet about barcelona matches

Btw, the short name for F.C.Barcelona is barÇa, with this weird "broken C" we use in Catalonia! U can Copy&Paste from here for ur web title

Congratulations for ur site.
I´ve added ur link in our website!