Saturday, January 28, 2006

And so we begin again

After the shambles that was Thursdays 4-2 defeat to Saragossa, things, as D:Ream would say, can only get better for FCB this Sunday evening when they're away to Hector Cupers Real Mallorca. Cupers side are a dour lot (much like Cuper himself) and having narrowly avoided relegation last season are right back down in the dog fight this year too. They have the second worst defence in the league (conceeded 34, only Sociedad have leaked more with 39) and Samuel Eto'o alone has scored almost as many (18) as Mallorca have as a whole (20). In short they're rubbish and Barca should kick their boring asses. That said, RM do have some decent players, former Juve man Mark Iulanio in defence, Arango (their top scorer with a nose-bleed inducing 6 goals) Doni, Farinos and recent signing Basinas in midfield and er, that's your lot. Argentine Pereyra is alright too but they are seriously lacking up front (Eto'o, Diego Tristan, Walter Pandiani and Albert Luque have all left the island club in recent seasons for pastures greener and pay packets fatter).

Deco, moronic suspension over with, is back in the squad, as are Puyol (left out on Thursday to disasterous effect) and Giuly. The injured Belletti misses out so it will be Oleguer at right back. With both Puyol and Valdes back the collective brain freeze that saw the hitherto stingy Barca defence leak 3 goals in five minutes should be able to hold out against a team averaging a single goal per game. And so long as Deco doesn't pull anyones hair, steal their lunch money or kick in their locker, the midfield ought be in better shape too.

The blaugrana need a good win to put Thursday behind them and Mallorca, being as they are hopeless, is just the place to do it.

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