Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Roberto Carlos

Like any good cule, Barca aside, my other obsession is Real Madrid and anything remotely bad that may befall them. So when I read today that hapless sometime-defender and taker of free kicks that end up in the carpark, Roberto Carlos had kicked lumps out of Osasunas Valdo (a former Madrid youth teamer) in their game on Sunday and then laughed when he injured him I sat up and took note:

"I didn't understand his attitude," Valdo was reported as saying in sports daily Marca on Tuesday. "He laughed when I told him I was injured and he told me he would do the other as well.

Taking exception to this type of behaviour, midfielder Punal elbowed Carlos (can't say he didn't deserve it) in the face two minutes later and was promptly sent off. There's no justice eh?

Another reason, as if you need one, to hate Madrid.

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