Sunday, December 04, 2005

In the town where I was born...

Barca beat the yellow submarines 2-0 to say top of the table, ahead of Osasuna (who beat Malaga 1-2) on goal difference. I watched the first half before catching the train back to Dub-eh-lin town. Barca dominated the opening 45 minutes, never really being seriously troubled by Villareal who look very blunt up front without Diego Forlan; Figueroa and blousy tosser Jose Mari just aren't up to. Barcas first goal came from a Ronaldinho free kick after Motta was upended. 'Dinhos kick was flapped at by Viera, pushing it straight onto Pena from where it was deflected into the goal. From what I've seen of Sebastian Viera thus far I've been far from impressed, Barbossa is much better.

Deco got the second on 63 minutes. My da tells me the second half was much like the first, Barca playing the better football and Villareal looking solid but unremarkable.

Motta played very well in the first half which bodes well for the next six Xavi-less months. Champions League aside, Villareal are one of the better teams that Barca will face and he was in top form.

Oh, Real Madrid, to the surprise of no one, have sacked Vanderlei Luxemburgo after a mere 11 months in charge. Who knows who will replace him.

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