Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Messi may not play again until January

Could Barca possibly have made any more of a mess of this? Yesterday the Spanish League asked the FA to annul Leo Messis playing licence. Given that his Spanish citizenship was granted late September (almost a whole month after the transfer window had closed) and the Barca completely botched his registration (previously had been a member of the youth team and thus regulations restricting each team in La Liga to three non-EU players, Ronaldinho, Marquez and Eto'o, did not apply) they don't have a leg to stand on and quite honestly I'm surprised he's been playing up to now.

What isn't clear is whether Barca will face any penalty, financial or otherwise as a result of this. With regard the results of games that Messi played in, what happens there? Do they stand? Of course the other conern is that the only games Messi will be able to play between now and the opening of the transfer window are the two remaining in the Champions League. If his licence is annuled I don't think he'll even be able to play Barca B games as they can't re-register him as a youth teamer until January either...

More on this spectacular balls up from the BBC

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