Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Barca bulldoze la Real

What with it being a bank holiday weekend I've rather slacked off on posting. Thankfully the team have not taken my lead as they powered past Sociedad on Sunday, 5-0 including the first goal the Carles Puyol has scored in over three years. Barca are now second (by a point) to the woeful Osasuna (see Barcas 3-0 thumping of them last week for evidence of same) and with the faltering Getafe up next before el derbi at the Bernabeu on November 20th.

Last week Oleguer made a comment that when Barca were playing well they were unbeatable and I don't think it was a throwaway remark, when they're in this form I can't see anyone coming close to them, Juve or Chelsea are their only real rivals for the European Cup and with regards La Liga, it's Real or Valencia at a stretch.

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