Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Well at least they didn't conceed...

It seems that Frank Riijkaard and I are back on the same page. Well almost. Out went Oleguer and Edmilson and in came Mark Van Bommel and Marquez and for the first time in over a month Barca kept a clean sheet. That said, they were playing Panathinaikos. Still, it's a start. What I was surprised by though was Larsson starting for the injured Giuly instead of Messi. Larsson is a striker and playing him out on the right is a bit of a waste. If he's going to come in for anyone it should be Eto'o, but of course it's not going to be Eto'o.

Speaking of Messi, he again looked very threatening when he came on. It pains me that administrative stupidity and incompetence has effectively ruled him out of La Liga matches until January.

The aforementioned Eto'o had the best chances, two late in the second half in a game that the blaugrana really ought to have won against an incredibly defensive, hard tackling (read dirty) and limited Greek side.

Van Bommel, who came off for forever injured Motta, making his first appearence of the season since he stepped on a rake/ slipped on a banana skin/ walked under a ladder in pre-season, was booked so he'll miss the return leg at the Camp Nou in November.

Barca still top the group wtih seven points and ought win it rather easily with Bremen and Udine drawing 1-1 last night.

Read the completely biased match report from here

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